If you are close friends with me at all, you know I love reading the Word, journaling and praying. It’s one of the most important things I do to grow in my relationship with the Lord. I also love creating cozy spaces. I don’t have a ton of money that I can dedicate toward decorating, but I use what I have and try to shop frugally to fill out the rest. When you mix those things together (spending time with Jesus + a personalized comfy spot for me), it turns into my first priority (besides making my coffee!) in the morning.

What I’ve recently learned by living in my new home with 2 other humans is that each person has their own vibe with where they enjoy spending time with the Lord and in the Word. My husband, Ryan, makes his Chemex coffee and ventures into his study, where his wooden desk and office chair await him. Abe, my brother, heads outside to the porch to sit in the sunshine and be surrounded by nature. For me, I prefer coziness. I grab a throw blanket and my cup o’ jo before sleepily making it to this chaise lounge. It’s the perfect step between my bed and the day that awaits me. I love natural light, so there are big windows and a sliding glass door surrounding me, and, of course, candles are always a wonderful addition!

IMG_5806My cozy corner of the casa

I have my own desk that I sit at occasionally, but, again, I like cozy for reading and journaling. Knowing that I’m headed to a place I created and decorated specifically for me to cultivate my relationship with God makes it feel warm and inviting to me. I can’t go to a coffee shop or where there are other people. I get distracted too easily; plus, I recharge being by myself (introvert at heart) so I covet my alone time. Sometimes, I will go outside, but typically I reserve that for when the weather is cooler or we go on vacation/to the lake to mix things up.

What stirs your soul? What helps get you out of bed a little earlier to spend time with the Lord? I encourage you to find or create a space, your space, that draws you in to read, journal, pray and worship!

Stripe Dress

I hit my 16 week mark on Saturday! I’m not showing a lot, but it’s enough that I’ve had to get some maternity pieces to mix in with my regular clothes. I am definitely going to want to wear looser things, but I also want some fitted pieces to show off my bump – and this […]

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Lots of changes are happening with our family. We moved from Dallas to Austin three weeks ago AND I am 14 weeks pregnant! We are overjoyed about welcoming a little one into the world in February, and it’s been fun to see Ryan’s excitement to be a dad!  Get ready for a dramatic post! The first trimester […]

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I’m looooving white pieces with sweet details for summer! This off-the-shoulder lace top is soooo cute, uber feminine and doesn’t ride up (like some OTS tops do) when you move or lift your arms. It’s light-weight so it’s perfect for the heat coming our way. Plus, the price point is ah-mazing. It comes in other […]

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The wall outside Jo’s Coffee in Austin Ryan & I are moving to Austin in August, and the excitement we have for what God is doing is Texas-size! (that’s the biggest kind, folks!) Ryan has the awesome opportunity to link arms with The Austin Stone Community Church as a Pastoral Resident. Beginning in August, he […]

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Confession: I’m not a huge fan of studs on clothing or shoes; however, I’m making an exception for this sweet pair of metaled goodness. I hadn’t heard of the brand Sol Sana until working at Lion & Witch, and now I’m hooked! It’s an Australian label that blends bold and vintage, which means it’s the perfect […]

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pete and abe

Last weekend, Ryan and I loaded up the car and headed south on I-35 to Austin for a quick trip to visit my brothers. Our three days spent with them were so wonderful: deep convos, lots of laughter and some chill time. Since Abe’s first chemo treatment was 2 weeks before, he had been experiencing some very rough days physically; however, on one […]

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Say hello (again) to the choker! This necklace has been out of the spotlight for a few years, and now it’s back in full force. It’s a stylish & simplistic addition to any outfit that makes a statement without being loud. You can layer them with longer necklaces, too. Recently, Lion & Witch helped host a fashion blogger event […]

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Watercolor by Jade Winter Chessman (@jadewintersee) Styling women is what I do for a living, and I love it! I enjoy the creativity of dreaming up outfits and combining different pieces (styles, textures, colors, fabrics and cuts) to compliment a woman and her shape. Knowing what is trending and popular is important, so I can style those who want […]

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The jumpsuit trend is huge right now! There are so many different styles of jumpsuits, so take the time to find the fit that works best with your body shape. Seriously, jump (literally!) on this bandwagon asap. I love the black & white stripes on the one below – it stands out from solid ones. This striped jumpsuit […]

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