Well this post is long overdue! I’ve wanted to type up her sleep schedule for her first year for a while, but just never got around to it! I know each baby is different, but this is what worked for us. We have always had a basic routine of Eat, Play, Sleep. I’m a firm believer in having a schedule – it gives your baby a daily routine and you can be flexible in the midst of it. I’ll break it up into 3 segments because she’s really only had three schedules since she was born. I hope this helps you!!

Schedule :: 0-6 months

*At first, she ate every 3 hours; then it moved to every 4 hours. We adjusted to less feedings and naps as needed during this time. Also, we absolutely adjusted for the times that she cluster fed or went through growth spurts. I always fed her if she was hungry.

**We swaddled until she could roll over. Kennedy was Houdini – she could get out of every swaddle so we sometimes had to double swaddle her lol – we tried literally every kind of swaddle! I know several people have specific recommendations, and I recommend ANY THAT WORK for your baby! ūüôā One we didn’t try that I’ll try with my next one is Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleepsuit.

***I am a big fan of these two books: Happiest Baby on the Block and Baby Wise.

6am     Wakes Up, Feeding, Playtime

7:30am   Nap

**her daytime naps were usually taken in this Swing because she slept better in it!

10am   Wakes up, Feeding, Playtime

11:30am   Nap

**she also took naps in the Dockatot

1pm  Wakes up, Feeds, Playtime

2:30pm   Nap

**These are the only pacifiers we’ve ever used (multiple sizes).

4pm Wakes up, Feeding, Playtime

**for playtime this Piano was her favorite

5pm Catnap

6pm Wakes up, Playtime

7:30pm Last feeding, Bedtime

10 or 11pm¬†Dream Feed (if you don’t know what Dream feeding is, google it! It can mean a few more hours of sleep for you!)

She typically woke up 2-3 times a night at first for diaper changes and feedings, then down to 1-2 as she got older.

My favorite baby pj’s

Schedule :: 6-9 months

7am     Wakes Up, Breakfast, Playtime

8:30am   Nap 1

**We moved her to her own bedroom. This is her crib and mattress. This crib is awesome too!

10:30am   Wakes up, Playtime, Eat Lunch

12:30pm Nap 2

**We use this fan for white noise. This helped us (soooo much!) when she slept in our room for the first few months because we wouldn’t hear every little sound she made and now it’s great for her to be lulled to sleep in her own room.

2:30pm Wakes up, Playtime

This is our favorite playpen because it is more spacious than regular ones and is super easy to set up and tear down. It also has a bassinet part!

4pm    Nap 3 РShort Catnap

5pm    Wakes up, Dinner, Playtime

7pm    Clean-up Toys, Read Books, Bath-time

7:30pm    Prayer & Bedtime

Our favorite books right now!

Schedule :: 9-14 months

7am    Wakes Up, Breakfast, Playtime

10am   Nap 1

**My favorite rocker/glider is this one! I have read great reviews on this glider too.

11:30am   Wakes up, Playtime, Eat Lunch

3pm    Nap 2

5pm   Wakes up, Dinner, Playtime

7pm   Clean-up Toys, Read Books, Bath-time

7:30pm    Prayer & Bedtime

Our favorite bath-time toys!

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