Recently, I received a package full of the H2O at Home cleaning supply goodies above. I have loved testing them out to see what each one is all about! The thing that sets H20 apart is that they are efficient, eco-friendly, and easy-to-use! They not only have home cleaning products, but also products for your body, vehicle, and pets!

My favorite item is the Luxury Kitchen Towel (color: metal), and my husband even said something about it too! It is so soft, and I’ve even washed it multiple times and the softness remains! It has a flat weave and is 70% polyester – 30% polyamide. It comes in 4 different colors, and I guarantee you that it is unlike any of your other towels! I need a dozen more like it!

My second favorite item is the Creme D’Argile Cleaning Clay. It’s is now my go-to cleaner to all jobs – pots and pans, my sink, oven, glass and even our bathroom shower door (because we all know how gross those can get!!). It comes with a little white sponge and will last a while, too.

As you moms know with cleaning, you need a variety of cloths and sponges and brushes to get the job done! The All Purpose Glove helps when I don’t want to touch whatever I’m cleaning and it’s really big. It has a seam at the top to make gripping it from the inside easier as well. The Variety Kit comes with three different cloths, and I’ve used them for little bit of everything.

The go-to instructions that come with it says:

  • The Heavy Duty (darkest) is best for tough dirt and grime
  • The Essential Multi-Surface is best for lifting and trapping dust
  • The Precision Glass Chiffonnette (the lightest) allows a perfect finish without leaving marks on windows, mirrors and even cells/laptops!

I am so thankful to expand my cleaning supply closet to include these items! I honestly didn’t even know I was missing out until I got these, and I am so thankful for them (and so is my house!!).

You can find out more about H2O at Home here